In October Annie and I headed deep into the peak district, Derbyshire to meet Chloe and Tom for their micro-wedding at Cressbrook Hall. Loyal to the autumnal colour and October’s brisk air. Chloe and Tom kept their original date despite everything and went ahead with their wedding.

Bride and groom stand holding hands for a portrait outside Cressbrook Hall on their wedding day
Cressbrook Hall

First Look

Annie and I were a little early. We had arrived at Cressbrook Hall before Chloe and took the time to wander the grounds and its picturesque views.

Bride with her bridesmaids in the Cressbrook hall sitting room

When Chloe arrived, excited as could be, she showed us around the hall itself. She had wanted to do a first look with Tom, something we don’t usually see at weddings, but I do hope we see more! Chloe was somewhat unprepared for Tom’s arrival. Chloe and her family were sat in the main living room chatting when the familiar rumble of a car on gravel approached. In a bit of a panic, Chloe jumped up and ran out of the room, out of the house and around to her position in the grounds, awaiting Tom’s arrival.


As she waited for Tom to turn the corner Chloe turned into a teenager again, giggling excitedly to meet her soon to be husband.


The Ceremony

Chloe & Tom chose to walk down the aisle hand in hand, having already seen on another that day.


After a short and sweet ceremony with plenty of laughing and a little bit of crying we all headed outside together for some group photos, confetti and then some photos of just Chloe & Tom.


Photography Time!

As Chloe and Tom had seen each other before the ceremony we used that time to do their short intimate shoot then. As both of them were there, we couldn’t possibly be late for anything! Having their photoshoot before the ceremony, soon after the couple had seen each other for the first time that day was a welcome surprise. Both Chloe and Tom were full of emotion and fixated on one another. Everyone else was inside patiently waiting and so we had the grounds to ourselves, with no distractions. As a result, the photographs are so natural. And even though that is always our aim and approach, Chloe and Tom were so infatuated by one another, it’s like they hardly knew Annie and I were there!


Anyway, as we left the ceremony room with Chloe & Tom’s family we headed outside to take some group shots and then onto the grounds for photos.


Chloe and Tom really wanted to have a confetti shot too, so before everyone departed we had a confetti tunnel. After a little more mingling, Chloe and Tom set off home. They had decorated their car with flags and ribbons, however maybe not quite securely enough. As they left, we followed behind them. We soon found ourselves dodging flags and ribbons for the first few miles of our journey! Chloe and Tom turned a corner and off they went. Back to home, to get a cheeky Nando’s together. The ideal finish to their wedding day.


Are you interested in getting married at Cressbrook Hall?

If you are looking for a quaint Derbyshire hall set right in the epicentre of the Peak District. Then Cressbrook Hall might be the right place for you!

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Are you getting married at Cressbrook Hall?

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