Before Christmas of 2019 we headed to Mythe Barn Wedding Venue for Charlotte and Ed’s wedding (our final wedding of that year). We were there to do both photography and videography for Charlotte and Ed.

The Morning

Flooding from rainfall the night before made Mythe Barn difficult to access. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the nordic wooden barn with enormous windows that lit the hall with bright natural light. We met Charlotte in Mythe’s perfectly made bridal suite, the balcony of which looks onto the hall where the ceremony was soon to take place.


The main honeymoon suit at Mythe definitely ticks the boxes for those looking for a barn venue. The thick wooden beams holding the roof up make for the perfect location to hang a dress from. Large, neutral colours, big windows and even bigger mirrors. This room almost seemed custom-built for photographers.


In the honeymoon suite, Charlotte opened her gifts from Ed. She received large photo album compiling photographs from all of their holidays and adventures together. This called for an emergency revisit from the makeup artist!


Whilst Charlotte shed a tear Ed was downstairs getting ready, along with his ushers, best man and page boy. The ceremony wasn’t far away now and the guests were soon arriving.


Why did Charlotte and Ed pick Mythe Barn?

Recently I caught up with Charlotte to ask her a few questions about their wedding. Here is what she had to say about Mythe Barn: “It had always been a venue that I followed on social media so as soon as Ed proposed, I booked us in to go and have a look around. Ed knew as soon as we got there that it was going to be our venue. I just fell in love instantly. We loved the long driveway leading up to the venue, and just the warm rustic feel inside. We fell in love with the ceremony room and just knew we had to have the whole day there!”


What made Mythe Barn stand out from other venues?

“It was like no other, we just instantly had that ‘wow’ moment. As soon as you walk inside you are welcomed with a big warm entrance, the beautiful ceremony room, the dressing room where myself, my Mum and my bridesmaids could all get ready, the gorgeous honeymoon suite and 7 extra rooms for guests to stay in! We just felt everything was there all under one roof. The staff were amazing and so hands-on too, they were brilliant from day one and made you feel like you were the only couple getting married.”


The Ceremony

The ceremony room did look truly magical. In the corner sat a huge Christmas tree decorated to the teeth. The warm wooden interior and decorations turned Mythe Barn into the perfect winter wedding venue, the only thing it was missing was a thick blanket of snow. But you can’t have it all can you!


The hall was full and Ed was positioned at the head of it ready for Charlotte’s arrival. Charlotte could hardly hold in her excitement as she walked down the aisle with a smile wider than the Cheshire Cat’s.



After the ceremony, we quickly headed out to get some photos of Charlotte and Ed on their own. When we came back we got everyone ready for their confetti shot. Which Charlotte had originally thought they might not be able to do.


“One of our highlights was that we could all go outside for the confetti shots, something I’d just automatically thought it will be side as it will be too cold and wet to be outside but the weather was on our side.”


The Reception

After everyone had thoroughly mingled together it was time for the guests to head into the reception hall for the wedding breakfast. An event Ed seems to have been quite excited for. The two of them had organised for a magician to come after seeing him at a wedding fayre:


“Another highlight for us and our guests was the magician we booked, we had gone to a wedding fayre and instead of being interested in the invitations, makeup artists and cakes Ed was only bothered about watching this magician, I’d never been to a wedding before with a magician so at first I wasn’t that keen on the idea as I didn’t know what to expect. A few months later we went back to the wedding fayre and Ed made me watch the magician and I was sold, so we booked him there and then.”


The Evening

The evening was soon upon us as is the case with winter weddings. Charlotte and Ed were ready to cut their cake and begin their first dance. Confetti canons surprised us all and made for spectacular images. A beautiful way to end our day at Mythe Barn with Charlotte and Ed.


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