In June 2019 we went to Newark Castle and then onto Oaktree Farm Wedding Venue to do photography and videography for Molly & Stephen’s wedding.

Newark Castle Ceremony

Molly & Stephen’s wedding began at the historic Newark Castle where the couple were wed at the Gilstrap. Set on the grounds of Newark Castle the Gilstrap has a quaint ceremony room with large stained-glass windows and it fits up to 100 guests.

We recently got in touch with Molly to speak to her about her wedding. She had this to say about Newark Castle and the Gilstrap: “We always wanted a ruin for a wedding – the castle ruins were close enough to that and super cheap! We always wanted to be outdoors as much as possible and do something different. Never liked things to be too formal.”


After Molly & Stephen’s intimate ceremony we headed into Newark Castle’s grounds for their confetti walk and some group pictures. Molly’s mum thought it would be hilarious if we included a few of the locals in their group pictures. So some sorry chap minding his own business eating his fish and chips ended up being in one of Molly’s group photos with her bridesmaids.


Off to Oaktree Farm

Once the photos were complete Stephen headed off to Oaktree Farm Wedding Venue with his groomsmen. Unusual, you may think! Usually, the bride and groom would leave together. Little did Stephen know Molly had this all planned out. With subtle hints from Molly since the early stages of their wedding planning. Stephen had decided to leave the girls at Newark castle as they would clearly want many photographs of themselves. When he left, Molly jumped in the back of their VW camper van and whipped off to an Air BnB to change into a magnificent floral Wendy Makin dress.

“I couldn’t find another stretch tent venue in the area. They were all teepees.”


What a Surprise!

Oaktree Farm’s long wild grass created the perfect natural aisle for an entrance. Guests lined up either side of the aisle and Stephen awaited her arrival unaware of her stunning new dress change. Unfortunately, Stephen didn’t hear the cue to turn around and walk towards Molly, so she was left to walk down the entire field alone! However, when she reached him, his face of sheer delight and surprise made the whole walk worthwhile. Guests applauded and whooped as the couple merrily walked into Oaktree Farm’s South African tent for their first drink together and husband and wife.

Into the Night

Molly and Stephen ate and then went on to give their speeches. Afterwards we headed out into the sunset as the rain had once again ceased and the sky looked incredibly dramatic. Molly and Stephen were so relaxed in front of the camera (this may have been because they were a little bit tipsy) and so we had so much fun during their portrait session.

We asked Molly what her favourite parts of her wedding day were and she said: “Giggling through the ceremony. Standing in the queue in the rain for food. Our golden hour early evening when we could relax and we had our couples photos and were pretty tipsy.”


Everyone was in a great mood and Oaktree Farm’s huge South African tent was full of buzz and excitement as the first dance dawned upon us. Everyone was having so much fun as they danced for hours on end into the night.

What made her wedding day unique? “It being ours! No seating plans or strict eating times…. but continuous food trucks arriving! The combination of weather unexpectedly made it more fun! The field wedding setting was ideal and made everyone relax which was our aim.”

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