Back in August 2019 Annie and I were at Stoke Rochford Hall to photograph and film Robbyne and Joe’s wedding day. We were blessed with glorious sunshine and lively people throughout the day. The perfect combination for us as wedding photographers and videographers!

How We Met Robbyne.

Annie and I originally met Robbyne through her maid of honour Jessie, who had organised the wedding show we were exhibiting at, at the time. She hardly knew much about us but Robbyne and Joe checked us out online and they trusted Jessie’s judgment. 18 months went by like a flash and there we were at their stunning wedding venue; Stoke-Rochford Hall.

The Wedding Ceremony in the Orangery

Possibly Stoke Rochford’s signature room is their orangery (click the link to see Stoke Rochford Hall’s website). A glistening white conservatory room with glass ceiling and walls. Robbyne had lined the orangery’s aisle with tall white flowers and the room looked dreamy. Joe could hardly keep it together as Robbyne walked down the aisle and he had to have a few words with himself to keep it together.

Joe awaits Robbyne arrival down the aisle

The Reception

After the ceremony in the orangery, everyone mingled outside before heading into the old library for speeches and the wedding breakfast. Robbyne had told us all about her bouquet, she had asked her florist for an all-white orchard bouquet but had no idea how expensive it would turn out to be!

Stoke Rochford Hall Group Photography

Champagne Tower

After everyone had eaten, Robbyne and Joe poured champagne onto their champagne tower. The first bottle of which made me jump out my skin when it popped (which everyone thought was terribly amusing!).

After this we took Robbyne and Joe around Stoke Rochford Hall’s grounds for their own intimate portraits. Stoke Rochford’s grounds are immaculate and very easy to access as they are immediately around the house. This creates an easy opportunity for stunning wedding photographs almost anywhere around the hall.

Into the Night

Soon after, everyone was well and truly liquored up. And ready to enjoy the extremely talented evening band Robbyne and Joe had arranged! As the night set in on Stoke Rochford Hall the band lit up the Orangery for the evening.

Getting Married at Stoke Rochford Hall?

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Interested in getting married at Stoke Rochford Hall?

If you are interested in getting married at Stoke Rochford Hall you can click on the link to see their rooms and grounds.