What are the new wedding rules to combat Covid-19?

As the UK government battles against a second wave of Covid-19, wedding ceremonies have been cut in half due to the potential risk of the virus spreading.

After a short time of weddings being permitted with up to 30 people from 4th July, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on 22nd September that only 15 people will be allowed to attend UK weddings from 28th September. This number does not include staff, photographers and other suppliers but only witnesses and the couple. The social distancing rules of keeping 2 metres apart also applies to guests, keeping 1 metre apart when 2 is not possible.

As well as this, no dancing is permitted, guests should wear masks at all times and ceremonies should be kept as short as possible. Food and drink is allowed but only to be served by staff to reduce the risk of infection. 

Guests must wear masks inside during the wedding ceremony
Photograph from a wedding ceremony during the pandemic.

What impact has Covid-19 had on the wedding industry?

The impact of coronavirus on the wedding industry has been huge, with nearly 4500 weddings not taking place on August bank holiday alone, and over 400,000 jobs negatively impacted by the pandemic. The wedding industry is worth £14.7 billion to the UK economy each year, meaning that the consequences of the pandemic have not just been detrimental to couples, but to the entire industry. 

Suppliers must wear face masks inside during a wedding to combat the spread of Covid-19
Suppliers must wear face masks inside

WhatAboutWeddings.co.uk is urging people to tell their Covid-19 wedding stories and provides letter templates for couples to write to their local MPs and ask for change. It also provides useful information on how to celebrate your Covid-19 wedding safely.

Get in touch to speak to us if you’re wedding will be effected by Covid-19

Over the last 6 months every wedding we had booked in has been moved. Couples are now planning to move their weddings from the year 2021 with the fear that the pandemic will not be over by then. If you have any questions for us regarding your wedding or the new Covid-19 restrictions. Then please do contact us.