Why have a photoshoot?

We took the plunge and finally got round to having a photoshoot! We wanted something different and a little out there for our website. Lockdown had kept us inside for months, and we were desperate to do something creative. And well, we wanted a bit of an excuse to getaway. We also wanted to be on the other side of the camera, and we felt that having a photoshoot ourselves would teach us a lot about our own photoshoots. Usually, people have a photoshoot to commemorate an event in their life like getting engaged or married. Or they decide to have a photoshoot to promote their business, product or brand. We were in the latter for this one (to Annie’s disappointment). But like we said, we wanted to get out of the house for a weekend and do something different, so we went to Snowdonia.

Heading up to the top of Cwm Idwal for our photoshoo
Heading up to the top of Cwm Idwal for our photoshoot

Why and where to have a photoshoot in Snowdonia?

Well, for one, it’s undeniably a beautiful part of the world. We wanted something different, something dramatic. When I mentioned this to Carla, the Shropshire based photographer we decided to go with she knew the place to go to. Carla suggested we have the photoshoot at Cwm Idwal, a cirque in the Glyderau range of mountains in the northern part of Snowdonia. (You can learn more about Cwm Idwal on the National Trust’s website).

Enjoying a break in the wind at Cwm Idwal
Enjoying a break in the wind at Cwm Idwal

How to park at Cwm Idwal

To start with we struggled to find Carla as there are several car parks near Cwm Idwal and there is no reception at all. After parking in several car parks around Llyn Ogwen (the lake below Cwm Idwal that the A5 road passes by) we eventually found her at the YHA Idwal Cottage. The parking here is set at the bottom of a path which leads up to Cwm Idwal. You can find out where the YHA Idwal Cottage is by heading to their website.

Map of where to park at Cwm Idwal
Map of where to park to then walk up to Cwm Idwal

Photoshoot at Cwm Idwal

We set off then out of our cars and on foot up the rocky path to Cwm Idwal. Annie and I had brought along a bag with us so that once up there we could mix it up during the shoot and change outfits. During the walk up to the top we were all almost blown over by gale force winds several times, but in the end we made it. As soon as I taken my jacket off to begin the shoot it had blown away into a puddle beside the path. Not even our bags could hold our jackets down it was so windy. The wind was so powerful that it picked up the water on the lake and swirled it around soaking anyone in its way.

On our way back down Cwm Idwal
On our way back down Cwm Idwal

Why bring a spare change of clothes on a photoshoot?

We brought a spare change of clothes so that we could change it up a little bit during the photoshoot. It’s nice to be able to alter your style and it changes how you look in the images. Half way through the shoot and after we had been at the top long enough, Annie and I decided to change outfits. I had it easy as I slipped a jumper on over the top of my shirt, my windswept body welcomed the warm woolly jumper. Annie had it a little harder as she had to completely change dresses behind a rock without getting blown away. Fortunately, due to the weather, there was no one around.

Changing clothes during the photoshoot
Changing clothes during the photoshoot

What was it like being on the other side of the camera?

At first it was a little odd being the subject for once, but we soon relaxed. We knew that once we relaxed and focused on each other that Carla would be able to do her thing. When you do that, you forget everything that is going on around you and you can enjoy being in the moment. We often tell couples who are nervous about having a photoshoot to enjoy the moment and to focus on one another. Photoshoots look still and posed sometime because the photographs don’t move. However, when you are on one you will find yourself continually moving around or chatting to each other. We loved being on the other side of the camera. By the end of the shoot we had learnt a lot about how we communicate with our couples. The photos are amazing and unique, and we cannot wait to see them printed.

This is how windy the photoshoot up Cwm Idwal was
This is how windy the photoshoot up Cwm Idwal was

Do you want an engagement shoot?

If you would like an engagement shoot, maternity shoot or a general photoshoot do make sure to get in touch with us on our contact page. Please note that we do cover the whole of the UK but shoots outside the East Midlands do tend to incur a small travel fee. Please get in contact to find out more.

All Photographs of us are by Carla Blain Photography, head over to her website to find out more about her.