In December 2019 we went to Warwick House in Warwickshire to do photography and videography for Stuart and Amber’s wintery wedding.

Engagement Shoot

We first met Amber & Stuart (and their adorable dachshund, pepper) for their engagement shoot at Rutland Water, almost 18 months before their wedding.

Stu and Amber’s Engagement Shoot at Rutland Water

Getting Ready at Warwick House

Well time flew by and it was soon 7th December 2019 and we were with Amber and her bridesmaids preparing for the day ahead. The bridal preparation room at Warwick House is at the end of the house so that no one accidentally walks in. It consists of two rooms (one for seating and another for getting ready) and a bathroom so there was plenty of space for Amber, her bridesmaids, makeup artist and hairstylist.

Downstairs Stuart was prepping himself for the day. He had arrived at Warwick House with his ushers ninety minutes before the ceremony and was completing the final touches to his attire. Soon after it was time for him to find his place at the head of the ceremony room to await Amber.


The Ceremony at Warwick House

When Amber was ready to walk down the aisle there was a rush of emotions from Stuart. Stuart had warned us this might well happen and Amber had told us that she was expecting it. The ceremony at Warick House was extremely touching and it wasn’t only Stuart who ended up shedding a tear.


After their exchange of sentimental vows, we all headed outside for a few group photographs. Pepper then arrived, she was over the moon of course that her parents were now married and we took the time to have a little shoot with her too.


The Reception

The reception soon followed and it was hosted by a fantastic entertainer Stuart and Amber had hired. He introduced all of the top table, bridesmaids and ushers into the reception room to their own unique songs. He went round to every table and sang them each a song whilst they awaited their food.

Emotional Speeches

The speeches set Stuart off again but luckily Amber’s dad gifted him the perfect pair of glasses. Equipped with their own windscreen wipers these glasses were perfectly built to prevent any waterworks!


The First Dance

Not long after the speeches, the first dance was announced and Stuart and Amber made their way to the middle of the dance floor. They began to dance and BANG! Golden confetti fell from the sky filling the room as the couple danced.


The entertainer floated around the room singing songs with each of the guests. Everyone soon jumped onto Warwick House’s dancefloor and began to dance the night away.

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